While we plan for the future the Minister makes funding us an issue

The Board has established a Timeline for the development of its new Stratgeic Plan,and all is going well until the Minister for Senior Australians makes an announcement!

Many things had been achieved and decided upon so that work on the Business Plan could start. All of this will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on 25th October in Moruya.

But one matter continues to raise its head. The question of funding is always to the fore and teh Minister has made it a very big issue for all Meals on Wheels outlets.

The Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Services (Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck) made a media release on May 18th which spoke a funding boost of $7million to Meals on Wheels. This boost will benefit Meals on Wheels services in other states but not in New South Wales where up to 40% of the 148 outlets maybe forced to close as they do not get an increase, in fact soem will get a cut. We hope that the Minister may change his mind.

The other change would see  the timing of the payments affected and again there will be many services who would not be able to survive the three month transitional stage. Once again we hope the Minister may see fit to rethink this idea.

For us, like other outlets we would be affected but believe we will be able to see our way through the problem. However, we need to make sure our funding is not cut as this will impact upon our clients; as will the transition to a new payment system.

So while our plans for the future are exciting, with some innovation and exciting challeneges, the funding which underpins all our work is making the process difficult.

We do encourage the Government to think again on this matter and serve older Australians, especially those in New South Wales, with more care and respect; just as theya re doing fro the older Australians in other states.

The MInister stated, "This vital measure puts health and wellbeing of older Australians first, while strengthening the viability of meal providers across the country",  is not correct and the Minister should think again.

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