Covid remains an issue

While we are a long way from Sydney, the Covid pandemic still affects the way we live our lives.

Since the outbreak in Bondi, things have changed regularly and we have had to respond.

Our Group Social Support programme called Out and About, takes our clients out for the day. They go to a centre for an activity day or on our highly regarded Lunch About either locally or outside of the Shire. But just as our exciting July programme started we had to cancel it, presently for two weeks There are too many uncertainties around the visitors clients and volunteers may have had; or who is visiting the area over the school holidays, and the possibility of passing on the virus. We do hope that we will start again on Monday 12 July.

Our Meals service continues We are able to deliver meals but masks are back on and volunteers are once again asked not to enter homes. Chats at the door will still happen but the loss of contact and the helping hand make the system not as it was! However we still have smiles for all our clients which can be seen in the eyes of the volunteers as they speak to each client at the door.

Individual Socal support work has also changed. The gardening still happens as it is outside but once again the conversation between volunteer and client is kept to a minimum; shopping is being done for the client not with the client so another loss of contact and conversation.

Our office is also making futher changes to its routines. Visitors have been signing in but now the QR scanning is happeneing. Masks are worn by staff and anyone entering.

On the good side we are still able to send a volunteer team to our clients and contact is made, a word is shared and a smile is given.

Thank you to the volunteers for continuing to serve others in this manner. Your work and assistance is greatly appreciated. While other organisations may have lost most of their volunteers, we have retained the majority of our dedicated team and are most thankful.

About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a household name and of course we do provide meals to people in their home, but did you know we are offer more than just a meal?  We also provide support to people to maintain and expand their social connections, through our Out and About Centre and through other in home social sevices. See our service page for more details

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