PALZ has been a success

Our new programme has been introduced and it has been a great success to date

The group has met twice at Banksia Village and heard from two inspiring speakers who challenged the group in their thinking. Each speaker generated wonderful discussion and the opportunity to develop the ideas further.

Henk Roubus spoke of modern day marketing and how products are changed to meet consumer requests. This was especially entertaining when he spoke about childrens cough medication and how the product had to change to eliminate sugar and then food colourings! The group had much to add to the discussion on modern marketing techniques! Henk was an Industrial Chemist and had to find solutions to the cough medicine questions as one of his tasks.

John Haslem was the second speaker and he led the group through three interesting tales. He spoke about the history of his family who came from Ireland and a recent fact finding trip to meet relations still in the original village; of the life of a politician especially during the Whitlam/Fraser era and the 'standing' of politicans compared to today; and of a trip through Russia looking at the various arts -painting, sculpture, architecture, music and dance. Everyone was fully engaged in each opportunity. They took the chance to chat about their experiences with family, travel, politics and the finer parts of life. John was a lawyer and is presently the President of the former Parliamentarians group in Australia.

The group will meet next on 1 October and hear from the Rt Rev Dr George Browning (the former Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn).

Bishop George will speak about the Middle East and whether peace will ever be achieved in the region. Bishop George has visited the region many times and lived with various groups so can speak with some authority on the situation. This will prove to be a most interesting talk and give the group a wonderful opportunity to debate and think about solutions.

And this is the aim of the group- to hear from a speaker;  to think about the topic, and to discuss and debate the issues raised.

New members and carers are warmly welcomed and invited to attend on Tuesday 1 October and on Tueday 10th December. Bookings are made at the Meals on Wheels office (4474 4464).

Come along. Hear a great speaker and enjoy some lovely company, take part in some intellectual discussion and debate, and share the wonderful morning tea which Banksia Village supplies!

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